About Us

Technology facilitates interactions quickly and at scale, yet does not always elevate the human experience. Constantia Labs connects people with ideas through humane marketing strategies. We exist for the benevolent advancement of humanity’s best ideas. Our core expertise is in enterprise and open source marketing, with a focus on women-led businesses and public good organizations. We approach our work with the aim of creating authentic connections. Our Hippocratic Oath is to make technology work for humanity (and not the other way around). We also cultivate our own projects in The Labs. Constantia operates a remote workforce with a home base in Portland, Oregon and the San Francisco Bay Area in California.

Core Values

We are unwavering in our commitment. You can count on us to get it done.

Think Deeply, Act Quickly
We think deeply about problems so we can move fast and iterate with purpose.

Be Humble
Humility and approachability pave the path to continuous improvement for us and our work.

Innovator Mindset
We observe the world with fascination, cross-pollinating ideas to produce innovation.

People First
Jobs are short, careers are long - the only thing real are relationships.

Join Us

We aim high and demand a lot of ourselves, but have fun in the process. Constantia Labs is always on the lookout for exceptional people to join us in the benevolent advancement of humanity’s best ideas. Connect with us at info@constantia.io to submit a cover letter and CV.

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