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Constantia is a tech community company. We work with data and open source companies to provide marketing and community consulting services, and also manage our own independent end user communities.

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Communities as Competitive Advantage

Communities enable ideas to adapt, grow and endure – while creating connection and belonging for collaborators. It’s no wonder they’re ranked the #1 place for developers to find info about software development.

Our team has expertise starting, building and growing inclusive, high velocity communities based on decades of work in open source as internal staff and external contributors. Whether you’re working in an existing community or starting your own, we can help.

Constantia Communities

Data on Kubernetes Community

Data is not yet recognized as a first-class citizen in Kubernetes. DoKC is where end users go to learn best practices for running data workloads on Kubernetes.

Data Mesh Learning

The volume and diversity of data sources continues to increase exponentially. Data mesh is a new approach to creating data solutions that addresses these challenges.

Drop-in Marketing team

Fueled by World-Class Marketing

Marketing is a critical tool to build industry awareness for technologies and communities. Constantia is a full-stack “drop-in” marketing team with expertise in data, cloud, and open source.

We provide comprehensive marketing services including:

Strategic Planning
Messaging and Positioning
Thought Leadership
PR/Analyst Relations
Event Management
Social Media

Who We Work With

A sampling of current and former Constantia clients.

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